MSSU students and parents feel safe on campus during move-in day

A Father Hugs His Son Goodbye On Move In Day At Mssu


JOPLIN, Mo. – There was no shortage of students and parents unpacking and saying their goodbyes for Move-In Day 2021 at MSSU.

But with the Delta variant raging throughout the country and the 4-State area, last year’s campus pandemic restrictions were back as well. But the students who spoke to KOAM seemed to be taking it in stride.

“I think we’re doing the same safety measures we did last year to ensure we don’t have a big COVID spread, especially in the housing department. I think we’re taking the right precautions. Of course, it also helps that we have vaccines, but with the Delta variant, who knows,” said MSSU junior Colton Long.

A big difference this school year is that COVID-19 vaccines are available, and many vaccinated students say that helps them focus on school instead of worrying about the pandemic.

“Honestly, I feel (the vaccine) takes a little bit of the load off. Granted, there is a small chance I could still get (COVID-19), but I feel a bit more safer knowing I have a fighting chance and a better chance of not getting it,” said Gabby McNary, a residential advisor.

It’s not just students whose minds are at ease thanks to the vaccine. Parents who spoke to KOAM say the shot is making it a lot easier to say goodbye to their kids.

“I don’t have any concerns about (COVID-19). Like I said, we’ve been vaccinated,” said Patrick Calhoun, a dad dropping off his daughter.

But it’s not just the vaccinated who are feeling safe moving in to campus. Churchill Williams V, who admits he hasn’t been vaccinated but is thinking about, says he feels protected on campus because of how seriously his fellow students are taking the pandemic.

“People aren’t so crowded up together because they already know the pandemic is going on. They’re pretty aware about not being so close to others. So, everybody’s been doing a good job, being safe, wearing their masks, and just playing everything cool,” said Churchill.