MSSU students advance to National History Day competition


Several area students distinguished themselves in the recent National History Day in Missouri contest, held April 26 in Columbia. National History Day in Missouri (NHDMO) is a yearlong history education program, sponsored by The State Historical Society of Missouri. It forms part of National History Day, a nationwide program which since 1974 has encouraged young people to explore history and has taught them to understand historical issues, ideas, people and events. Participants conduct in-depth research on individual topics related to an annual theme and present their projects in one of several formats — exhibit, performance, documentary, web site, or research paper. These presentations are evaluated at a series of local, state and national contests. The 2014 History Day theme is Rights and Responsibilities in History.

The 2014 state contest included over 550 students, all award-winners at the 9 regional contests. The 6 top entries from each category competed in final rounds to select Missouri’s delegates to the National contest. Listed below are state award winners and special prize winners from the Joplin region, which includes 10 Southwest Missouri counties. For complete contest results, go to

First and second place winners in each category are among Missouri’s delegates to National History Day, June 15-19 at the University of Maryland-College Park. Third place winners are alternate delegates.

Thirteen entries that advanced from the March 7 Joplin regional contest were among the 54 Missouri delegates and alternates:

Junior (6-8) Historical Paper (Individual only)
1st place
Rebecca Brown
Nancy Cruzan: The Right To Liberty, The
Right To Privacy, The Right To Die?
Joplin, MO, Jasper, South Middle School
TEACHER(s) Ivan Obert

Junior (6-8) Individual Exhibit
2nd place
Jacob Dunkin
The Civilian Conservation Corps: The Men Who Brought America Back
Seneca, MO, Newton, Seneca R-7 School
TEACHER(s) Terrie Asbill

Junior (6-8) Group Exhibit
3rd place
Tyler Gray, Nicholas Sloan
Stopped In Their Tracks: The Great Railroad Strike Of 1877; Turning Point In U.S. Labor Relations
Joplin, MO, Jasper, South Middle School
TEACHER(s) Ivan Obert

Junior (6-8) Individual Performance
2nd place
Phoebe Watson
Child Laborers Gaining Rights and Responsibilities
Joplin, MO, Jasper, North Middle School
TEACHER(s) Teresa Taylor

Junior (6-8) Group Documentary
2nd place
Landon Vowels, Hayden Higgins
Berlin Crisis of 1961: The Degradation of East German Rights on Account of Soviet Authority
Joplin, MO, Jasper, South Middle School
TEACHER(s) Ivan Obert

Junior (6-8) Individual Web Site
3rd place
Sam Peterson
Ghost Dance Religion: The Right To Culture
Joplin, MO, Jasper, South Middle School
TEACHER(s) Ivan Obert

Junior (6-8) Group Web Site
2nd place
Quinn Lasley, Eli Paden
A City Demolished: The 1906 Earthquake and Fire
Carthage, MO, Jasper, Carthage Junior High
TEACHER(s) Mary Stockam

Senior (9-12) Historical Paper (Individual only)
2nd place
Sam Heil
Responsibility in War: Operation Catapult and the British Seizure of the French Fleet
Joplin, MO, Newton, Home School
TEACHER(s) Dannon Heil

Senior (9-12) Individual Exhibit
3rd place
Erin Snyder
“Four Days of Fire”
Carthage, MO, Jasper, Carthage High School
TEACHER(s) Kathleen Swift

Senior (9-12) Group Performance
1st place
Kayla Mason, Skyler Scates
Imprisoned for Sedition: Matthew Lyon Takes Responsibility for the Rights of Others
Wheaton, MO, Barry, Wheaton R-3 School
TEACHER(s) Jason Navarro

Senior (9-12) Individual Web Site
2nd place
Molly Shannon
Freedom’s Wheels are Rolling: The Right to Ride
Carthage, MO, Jasper Kathleen Swift

Senior (9-12) Group Web Site
2nd place
Nazhath Sulthana, Farhath Sulthana
From Farm to Factory: A Fight for Justice
Joplin, MO, Jasper, Joplin High School
TEACHER(s) Andy Ritter

1st place
Brandon Splitter, Taylor Vaughn, Jason Ogle
Wounded Knee: Silencing the Betrayed
Carthage, MO, Jasper, Carthage High School
TEACHER(s) Kathleen Swift.

Also, the following local students were awarded special prizes:

The AAUW prize in women’s history:
Grace Jacobs for her Jr. Individual documentary “American Women of WWII: Propaganda On The Home Front”, South Middle School, Joplin

Cansler prize in Folk History, 1st place,
Grace Jacobs for Jr. Individual Documentary , “American Women of World War Two: Propaganda On The Home Front”, South Middle School, Joplin

Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Prize: Jr. Individual Exhibit: Summer Anderson, “Rose Philippine Duchesne: Woman Who Prays Always”, Seneca R-7 School

Jewish History Prize, first place
Jillian Lopes of Joplin South Middle School was first place winner of the for her Junior Individual Website, “Heroes Of The Holocaust: Irena Sendler.”

Strickland African-American History Exhibit Prize
Jenna Martin and Kelsey Kerrigan, Jr, Group Exhibit, “The Birmingham Church Bombing : How it Affected the Civil Rights Act of 1965”, South Middle School, Joplin

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