MSSU sees 200% increase in visits to Student Success Center

Mandatory study hall for athletes a factor
MSSU sees 200% increase in visits to Student Success Center
MSSU athletes log out of mandatory study hall on tutortrac

The Student Success Center and study stations across the Missouri Southern State University campus are experiencing a 200% increase in use.

KOAM found freshman Meredith Iden putting in some mandatory study hall time at the Student Success Center on Thursday. As a softball player she’s required to do six hours a week.

Iden said, “It was like hmm, gonna have study hall. But, it’s good for me to be honest, cause when I go home, all I want to do is sleep so.”

Coach Josh Hager, defensive football coordinator explained the mandatory study hall this way. “Selfishly, if they don’t pass their classes, they can’t play. But, also because, more importantly because, we care about their academic performance.”

This way they can catch issues early. For football players study hall is five times a week from 1pm to 3pm.

“So, I might as well do my homework while I’m there which allows my free time to be my free time later on. It’s making a habit, developing that habit, that this is time set aside,” Project Stay director Debbie Fort said.

Center director Stephanie Hopkins believes it’s making a difference. She said, “I believe it does. It gives them that set aside time to study, work on whatever issue they may be having with their classes and have some dedicated time to focus.”

Mandatory study hall for athletes is recorded by log-in on tutortrac. It’s one reason why the center is seeing a surge in visits. 7,147 in 2019. A 200 percent increase. But any student benefits from visiting. Tutors are routinely available to answer questions.

Junior Cameron Wood is an engineering major and while not an athlete, he’s taking advantage of tutoring here. “It’s brought my grade up a lot because like, I dont really understand the teacher’s way but I come to Danny and he can show me an easier way to learn it.”

Tutor Whitney Blodgett added, “I think it’s great because the tutors have taken the class that they’re tutoring in, so they know what to expect and know what the professors want.”

Whether required or not, being in the Student Success Center connects the students to help when they need it, bringing a sense of confidence to classes.

Whitney laughed, “Actually, I got tutoring in the subject I tutor now.”

And Meredith has come to embrace her time at the center, “So, I want to be a doctor and it’s really helped me if I need help with chemistry. And the tutors are very, very smart and they’re really nice and really helpful. And it’s just turned in to something I can use, even when I don’t have to do study hall.”

Besides tutors the Student Success Center offers study guides and review sheets students can use to study for tests and finals. The only downside of the mandatory study hall is a greater demand for the space and computers.

Both Meredith and Cameron said they expect to be at the center a lot in the next two weeks when it’s time for finals.