MSSU SBTDC continues its Cyber Awareness 360 Series

Joplin, MO – Missouri Southern’s Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) will continue its Cyber Awareness 360 series this week. Thursday’s session (Sept. 20) will focus on planning, IT and social engineering, and will be held inside the North End Zone Facility from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

With cyber attacks on small businesses increasing, and studies showing that many business owners are still not prepared to cope with potential breaches, Cyber Awareness 360 is designed to protect businesses and customers from a potential breach by getting advice from professionals in the areas of IT, HR, insurance, banking and law enforcement.

This week’s session will include:
I Love It When a Plan Comes Together: The Importance of Risk Assessment, Policies, and Response Plans for Data Security

Speaker: Peter Sloan, Information Governance Group, LLC
Data security is about more than IT controls – effective defense also requires security policies and readiness plans, based on a security risk assessment. In this session Information Governance lawyer Peter Sloan will discuss why and how to establish right-sized security policies and response plans by first assessing your security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

IT Panel – Questions for the Experts

MSSU – Al Stadler, Chief Information Officer
Stronghold Data – James Richards, CEO
SNC2 – John Motazedi, CEO
Oxen Tech – Larry Hedin, Senior Business Consultant

Hacking the Human: Real Social Engineering Stories From the Field.

Speaker: June M. Middleton, CPA, CISA, SEPP, MLSE, CICA, CBA
What you will learn:
1) An understanding of social engineering basics (what it is, history of social engineers, today’s social engineers, terminology, etc.)
2) What and How Information on businesses and their employees is gathered by social engineers (by technical and non-technical means)
3) Examples of real attacks using various vectors (phishing, phone elicitation/vishing, removable media, physical/dumpster diving, etc.)
4) Mitigation strategies to reduce risk of social engineering attacks.

Cost: $15
Lunch will be included in this event (if registered by Monday, September 17).
Registration can be done online at: