MSSU enrollment up for first time since 2010

The tide is turning for Missouri Southern State University when it comes to enrollment. This fall numbers are up three-point seven percent.
More than 56-hundred students are enrolled. That’s about two hundred more students than last year. Enrollment in 2012 was 5,417. That was down from 2011 when enrollment was 5,591 and from 2010 when enrollment was 5,802. 2010 was the last year to see an increase in enrollment until now. In 2009, MSSU had 5,702 students a big increase from 2008 when enrollment was 5,264. Administrators give lots of credit to the lion pride tuition program which offers in-state tuition for students from neighboring states. But the number of international students also jumped nearly 27 percent.
And that means tuition money that’s needed after government cuts to funding for high education since 2001.
Interim President Alan Marble says since then tuition has become a bigger part of the university’s budget. But he adds growing enrollment adds more than tuition. He says, ” The growing excitement of having a growing enrollment on campus changes the entire ethos and kind of feeling of the campus spirit. Its just a good thing all the way around.”