MSSU Dance Team Cut, Result of Tight Budget

MSSU Dance Team Cut, Result of Tight Budget
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Decreases in state funding are taking a toll on Missouri Southern’s budget. As a result, cuts have been made. One of those cuts, the school’s competitive dance team.
Performances by the Missouri Southern Gold Dance Team will be noticeably missing during halftime next football and basketball season.The team was just cut as a result of the University’s tight budget.
MSSU senior Rachel Nodler just finished up her fourth and final season on the team.
“Even though I’m not going to be on the team anymore it’s still really sad to see it go just because I know what I experienced could be a really great opportunity for other girls to also experience. I have a lot of sadness that the program is going to be taken away,” says Nodler.
The team became more than just a sport, Nodler says they always did their best to give back to the community and that personally, it also helped her grow.
“It taught me teamwork, dedication and a lot of patience as well. It really helped me in my school career and I got a lot of long lasting friendships that I wouldn’t have today if I hadn’t been on the team,” she says.
With the help of a new coach, the program has excelled over the past few years, they’re ranked 17th in the nation. To keep up with that growth, 18 girls were recruited for next season, the largest team in the school’s history.
“Going to nationals and doing community service and those things have been great for recruiting purposes so we were looking forward to a great year next year,” says Nodler.
For now those 18 girls won’t have the chance to perform or receive a small scholarship, something all members got.
Although she’s graduating and moving on from MSSU, Nodler is hopeful that once finances improve, the gold dance team will be brought back.
We reached out to Missouri Southern for a comment on the story and have yet to receive a response.