MSSU Cuts 13 Positions, 6 Programs as a Result of Funding Cuts

MSSU Cuts 13 Positions, 6 Programs as a Result of Funding Cuts

Missouri Southern officials look to make room in the budget, cutting several positions and programs. Along with the cuts they’ve already seen, proposed cuts for next year’s budget make up about 10 percent of the University’s total budget.
It wasn’t easy for Missouri Southern officials to decide where to cut costs but 13 full time positions and 6 programs have been terminated.
“When you have a cut the magnitude that we’re seeing, we have to cut things we don’t want to cut,” says MSSU President Alan Marble.
Programs were cut mainly based on the cost of running them and include the student published Vivid Magazine, the fire academy and legislative internship program. A few of the full time positions were going to be vacant at the end of this year, Marble says they’ll see if they can get by without filling them.
“We may not be able to make it, but that’s where we’re trying to cut. Rather than get into the classroom, we’re trying to do as much as we can with administrative duties,” he says.
For that reason some students say they don’t think they’ll see a direct impact on their education.
“If it’s just extracurricular activities yes those are good but it’s not necessary. Whenever the cuts start coming from the faculty, the classes get bigger because the lack of funding for professors and that’s when I see it becoming an issue,” says senior Cory Ward.
Others disagree and say even administrative changes, like not having a Dean of Students will make a difference.
“It changes our structure, it changes our system and our chain of command so its concerns me if the students need to talk to someone who will we will talk to now, who do we communicate with where we would have communicated with the dean previously,” says sophomore Amanda Hosp.
Marble says there won’t be any other cuts made for next year and hopes increases in enrollment could help improve the budget.
“I just apologize that we have to cut them. I feel terrible about the fact that they were cut but sometimes you have to do things that you really don’t want to do to benefit the greater organization,” says Marble.
The Board of Governors will decide on next year’s budget at their meeting on Friday. They’re anticipating adopting a deficit budget to avoid further cuts.