MSSU & Crowder College Impacted by State Fund Withholdings

MSSU flags on campus

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens is withholding funds to universities and community colleges because state revenues are short.
While Missouri Southern State University and Crowder College pride themselves on being low cost, that might have to change as they deal with having fewer state dollars.
Crowder president Jennifer Methvin said the funding cuts at Crowder College add up to, ” about $463 thousand dollars, roughly one month ‘ s worth of our state appropriation. So we’re gonna have to make some adjustments.”
At Missouri Southern State University a much bigger amount. President Alan Marble said, “Two and half million dollars is a pretty serious amount for us.”

Eighty thousand dollars of that was to fund the UMKC/MSSU dental school. So the program is being suspended.
Marble explained, “Both UMKC and our portion of the dental school program was restricted this time, so we’re gonna have to suspend that program until we get solid money.”

Both Marble and Methvin expected the funding cuts. Crowder even set aside more than two hundred thousand dollars in last year ‘ s budget just in case and will use that to offset the withholdings. Methvin doesn ‘ t expect to cut programs or personnel. While record fall enrollment at MSSU brought in about two million in revenues which helps the school now . But both say in the future, they’ll have to consider tuition increases.

Methvin said, “If we raised tuition a dollar a credit hour with our current enrollment, that would raise us about eighty thousand dollars, so it would take a five or six dollar increase in tuition to meet the shortfall.”

Marble said, “We are pretty far behind. We’re twenty dollars per credit hour behind our sister institution Missouri Western. We ‘ re probably going to have to look at a tuition increase in the future .”

For a student preparing to transfer to southern from Crowder that was not good news.
Kaitlyn Welch worried, “I ‘ ll have to balance an actual full time job to pay for my full time hours. So it will be a little bit harder for me but it ‘ s worth it cause it ‘ s an education so.”

Drew Aggus, a Crowder sophomore was less concerned. He said, ” Well honestly Crowder ‘ s so cheap already, a couple dollars a credit hour is not gonna make that much of a difference, especially compared to a large university.”

Jaerie Booher, a veterinary tech student said, “I ‘ ve been to like two other schools, so it isn ‘ t that much compared to other colleges I ‘ ve been to. I don ‘ t think it would matter that much to raise it a couple dollars.”

Neither Southern nor Crowder raised tuition this past year because former Governor Nixon requested that promising a four percent funding increase. That increase and another four percent ended up being cut through the withholdings.