MSSU Board of Governors Expands Investments

Also approves promotions/tenure requests
MSSU Board of Governors Expands Investments

The Missouri Southern State University Board of Governors met Thursday. The board voted unanimously to expand investments of several million dollars in university funds, changing its policy to grow cash.

President Dr. Gary Marble said, “We just want to maximize our ability to have our investments and that cash that we’re holding to earn as much interest as it possibly can. We had an old investment policy that limited us to certain low paying cds and things. This just gives us more flexibility although keeping things very safe.”

The board also voted to adjust salaries and said yes to promotions.
In unanimous votes the board approved tenure or promotions for 24 professors. An additional 30 thousand dollars was approved to bring some salaries into compliance.

The board will extend Lion Pride Tuition to U.S. territories like Guam and the Virgin Islands to coincide with the Oceana semester this fall. President Marble says the in-state tuition could help recruiting new students especially some military families who currently don’t have good access to higher education.

Marble explained, “You look at the small islands. It’s difficult to gain education beyond high school, sometimes even beyond junior high school. The opportunity to come to the states, we want to open that up, especially as we’re doing during the Oceana semester this fall.”

Marble gave his own report to the board in which he mentioned the Governor’s recommended budget holding college and university core funding flat. However, Marble said MSSU should expect $2 million dollars for Maintenance and Repair. And MSSU has an approved submission of about $190,000 to become the statewide Center of Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety.