MSSU and PSU trending in right direction with COVID-19 cases

On Wednesday, PSU reported zero new Coronavirus cases from the prior week and said it’s part of a campus trend that started back on March 10th.

And they’re not the only 4-State college seeing success battling COVID-19.

A quick glance at MSSU’s COVID-19 dashboard shows the Joplin college also reporting zero new cases last week which happens to be the week after students returned from spring break.

“We were a little bit worried since we took the regular spring break. We were very pleased to see that cases have still continued on a downward path,” said MSSU’s Dr. Julie Wengert.

Dr. Wengert is not only the interim Vice President of Student Affairs at MSSU but also the co-chair of the college’s COVID task force. She credits the college’s diminishing case numbers to students and faculty taking the pandemic seriously.

“There’s a strong culture of taking care of each other here, where we still have enforced the mask policy even though the city mask policy has expired. We’re still using the CampusClear app to track our symptoms every day,” said Dr. Wengert.

A representative for PSU’s Bryant Student Health Center wasn’t available for an extended interview, but told KOAM over the phone that she also credits PSU’s low COVID-19 case count with students and staff handling pandemic restrictions with maturity, and says the Crawford County Health Department has also been an excellent partner in the fight against the Coronavirus.