MSSU alum speaks out after seeing colleague arrested

JOPLIN, Mo. – Before Charles Hayes was charged with seven counts of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, he was a student at MSSU.Charles Hayes Mug Shot

“I found myself sitting next to him in the classroom, and soon after he became comfortable with me did things start escalating into sexual jokes and sexual connotations,” said one MSSU alum who wishes to remain anonymous.

Hayes began to make more students feel uncomfortable, targeting younger girls, and making racist and sexist remarks. As a result, a total of three Title IX sexual harassment complaints were submitted between April and July of 2018.

“Some of the younger classmates that were very young and inexperienced had situations that were happening out in the parking lot when we would leave class. They did not feel comfortable at all and they were scared to come forth. So I felt like it was my duty…I felt like I could assist these younger girls to feel like they had a voice so I went forth and filed my complaint.”

She thought he was gone after Hayes was dismissed for violating the Social Work Student Handbook, but she was wrong.Social Work Dismissal Policy

“The hardest part for me is when we came back and he was reinstated and I was not contacted. Nobody gave me the courtesy to let me know that he was coming back to class and it was kinda like cold water on my face when I walked in and saw him in the classroom.”

Hayes’ dismissal was repealed after MSSU decided he had not been given due process.

“He felt he was being discriminated against, in his words, as a ‘Republican white male and he was in a liberal woman class.'”

Hayes graduated in May of 2019 and was arrested just seven months later after surveillance video showed him tasing inmates at the Delaware County Jail without cause.

“It was emotional for me…hearing and reading what he did. First it was emotional for me and then anger set in…Some people can get away with this for years and years and use their platform and their degrees for abuse and I’m thankful that he was caught.”

While Missouri Southern State University declined comment, several students who knew Hayes say he is dangerous and should not have been reinstated.

“One of our crucial studies is the code of ethics and MSSU knew that. The allegations that were being brought forth were totally against our code of ethics and our social work…If we go to our superiors and ask for help, who’s going to help us? Because sometimes like those girls they were scared to come and voice their complaint and they were disregarded. I would just ask that MSSU acknowledge what happened, acknowledge to the victims what happened and to apologize.”

Hayes’ attorney declined comment.

Another former jailer, 45-year-old Sherry Mayberry was charged along with Hayes for her role in tasing inmates without cause.

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Hayes’ preliminary hearing was moved from Sept. 22, 2020 to Oct. 29, 2020.

Hayes Probable Cause