Kansas Highway Patrol cruiser slammed on interstate; Move Over Law is active in all states

KHP state the trooper was not seriously injured, “this could have easily been much worse.”
Image Kansas Highway Patrol
Image courtesy Kansas Highway Patrol

ELLIS COUNTY, Kan. — The Kansas Highway Patrol release images of a patrol car as it was slammed Tuesday by a distracted driver.

Trooper Summers was performing a truck inspection today on I-70 by Ellis, Kansas, he was struck by another commercial motor vehicle that failed to move left for him.” — KHP

Since 2006 in Kansas the Move Over Law has required drivers to move to the side, away from emergency lights. And in recent years it has become national law endorsed by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Slow down, move over, when you see lights from any vehicle; police, fire, highway workers, tow trucks, roadside assistance etc.

Tpr Summers was standing at/in the door of the truck he was inspecting when the crash occurred.

KHP say, “Thankfully he was not seriously injured, this could have easily been much worse.”


2014 Kansas State Trooper Da’Von Brame was rear-ended at highway speeds by a pickup truck. The trooper suffered critical injuries but survived. Poster courtesy Kansas Highway Patrol.