Motorcyclists Urged to Drive With Caution This Spring: Harsh winter shows wear and tear on Missouri roadways


JEFFERSON CITY – No one appreciates a warm spring day more than a motorcyclist who’s had a bike sitting in the garage all winter. As engines rev in anticipation of a beautiful Missouri scenic ride, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants to encourage riders to keep an eye out for debris, gravel, and rough road conditions that often result after a hard winter.

Road crews are working daily to fill and repair winter roadway damage. In the meantime it’s important to pay special attention to the roadway conditions when planning a ride.

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than passenger vehicle occupants in crashes. Therefore, it’s very important to always wear proper protective gear, including a DOT compliant helmet when riding.

“In 2013, 72 motorcyclists were killed in traffic crashes on Missouri roadways,” said Leanna Depue, executive committee chair for the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety. “Defensive driving, along with proper training and licensing are essential for all motorcyclists.”

Motorcycle safety courses are an excellent way to learn basic bike control and crash-avoidance skills. The Missouri Motorcycle Safety program oversees quality education for motorcycle riders at 28 training sites around the state. To locate an approved course near you visit

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