Mother Road Marathon canceled, several reasons cited

The Twelveone Group announces that it will cease operations of the Mother Road Marathon “in 2019 and beyond.”

In a post on social media, President and CEO of the Twelveone Group, Tom Rogers wrote, “It has been our great pleasure to serve runners and walkers from every state in the United States and nations abroad. This decision came after several years of decreasing resources to support the event effectively, safely, and profitably. We are listing a sample of insurmountable challenges we faced.”

Twelveone Group posted the following for reasons behind the decision:

1.Transportation- By nature, this unique 3 state event requires shuttling participants from Joplin, MO to Baxter Springs, KS or Commerce, OK. When the event was first launched, we were able to outsource transportation services from our large local school district. Insurance conditions changed, and that busing became unavailable. Though we leaned on smaller rural districts over the last 2 years, their insurance carriers have now begun discouraging the practice. Our charter bus options are incredibly limited and certainly cost prohibitive in relation to the economics of the event.

2.Economics – In lieu of the shuttle shortage, the event requires several thousand participants to make financial sense to sponsors and contracting of all medical, emergency, and law enforcement personnel. The lack of transportation impacts the number of participants and registers it unfeasible economically.

3.Medical – We have asked an already burdened team of medical professionals to add another large project to their already stressful schedule and have decided that is unfair.

Rogers wrote, “There are other considerations at play in this difficult decision, but we simply cannot deliver a top shelf event when we feel a combination of variables exist that make the event less than 100%”

Anyone that pre-registered for the marathon will begin seeing refunds this month (April 2019).

Twelveone will continue hosting other events in the Four States.