MOScholars application process now open, looking for donors

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.  – Missouri is now accepting applications for MOScholars K-12 scholarships.

State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick gave the update on the MOScholars program today. While the application process is open, the program is looking for donors, which fund the scholarships.

Applying for the Scholarships

“To begin the application process, parents or guardians should contact an Educational Assistance Organization (EAO) partnered with the school they would like their child to attend. EAOs will prescreen student applicants to determine eligibility. Once prescreening is complete, the EAO will refer the applicant to the MOScholars online application portal.” Treasurer Fitzpatrick’s Office. “It is the intention of Treasurer Fitzpatrick and the EAOs to have scholarships available for eligible students to use for the 2022-2023 school year.”

You can find more information at

“This is an exciting day for qualifying Missouri students who need educational options,” Treasurer Fitzpatrick said. “Our EAO partners, my staff, and I have been working hard to get this program up and ready to begin accepting applications. Now, the program needs donors to help make these scholarships possible. We know there are plenty of eligible students who can benefit from the educational opportunities afforded by this program—and I look forward to seeing MOScholars scholarships put to use this fall.”

Tax Credits for Donors

Donations to EAO’s help fund the scholarships. Donors can offset the funds by redeeming tax credits.

“MOScholars scholarships are funded through donations to EAOs that may be offset by redeeming tax credits against a donor’s tax liability. Prior to donating to an EAO, individuals and businesses seeking to make a donation to fund scholarships should reserve tax credits in the amount they intend to donate on the Tax Credit Reservation Portal. The Treasurer’s Office anticipates the portal will launch on June 27th. Donors who have reserved credits through the system may begin making donations to EAOs on July 1. The Tax Credit Reservation portal will be accessible at once it is launched.”

About MoScholars

“In 2021, the Missouri General Assembly passed HB349 and SB86 which established the Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program, MOScholars. The law provides state tax credits for contributions to approved, non-profit Educational Assistance Organizations (EAOs). These EAOs use the contributions to award scholarships to Missouri students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and students living in low-income households.” –