More parents considering homeschooling amid COVID-19 concerns

Neosho Newton County Library offers support through activities

NEOSHO, Mo. – Tyler Murphy says the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can learn, no matter where you are.

“Anything and everything,” he said.Patrons Of Library

Tyler’s mom decided to homeschool him after he was bullied and started falling behind with his course work. It was a little tough at first, but she picked up resources online and joined support groups on social media where other parents are looking at homeschooling for the first time, and asking questions.

“I think they’re confused between homeschooling and schooling at home through the school because it’s two very different things. Homeschooling, we get to pick out our own things and move at our own pace. Going through the school, you still have to keep up with them and you still leave a chance to fall behind,” explained Cathryn Murphy.

The Neosho Newton County Library is fielding more calls from parents considering homeschooling, looking for resources and activity ideas as they maneuver around the pandemic.

“I think wearing the face masks at school, I think there’s a great deal of fear about sending their child back in a room full of kids…there’s a lot of reasons why I think parents think it’s time to pull the kids out,” said Carrie Cline with the Neosho Newton County Library.Kid With Mask

The library normally offers two activities per month for homeschooled kids, ranging from arts and crafts to science and history. With those activities averaging 20-40 kids, Cline knows the need is there.

“The families miss us. We miss them. We miss having the live programs. We had so many wonderful things in store for them this summer and the really great things have been pushed off to this fall whenever the numbers go back down and we’re able to have live programs again, we have a lot of fun things still in store,” said Cline.

Even with things on hold, the library is coming up with fun social distance activities for kids, offering crafts to go along with outdoor story boards. For the Murphy family, dodging germs is just one more perk to learning from home, even if some days are a struggle.Story Boards

“Once you start, stick with it. It’s not good to switch up and take them back and forth, and everyday is a new day, just because one day is rough, doesn’t mean the next day will be,” said Murphy.

Cline says the library provides activities just about any student can get involved in, whether they go to school or learn from home.

Most libraries offer activities for home school groups. Check out your local library to learn more.