More arrests expected in Independence hit and run investigation

Investigation Ongoing Into Who Helped A Suspect Elude Police For 9 Days
Police search for possible suspects who helped Brian Medsker elude police.
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INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – Police are looking for others who may have helped an attempted murder suspect elude authorities for nine days.

Following a June 2 hit and run, Independence police started the search for 39-year-old Brian Medsker. The prosecutor’s office charged him with attempted murder and aggravated endangering a child.

Nine days later, they took him into custody after a brief pursuit. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office and Kansas Highway Patrol assisted.

Now, the Independence Police Department has opened an investigation into who may have helped Medsker elude police during that time.

June 7th arrests

The Independence Police Department states that on June 7, they arrested two people for felony interference.

Police surrounded a home based on information that Medsker was inside armed with a weapon. After several hours, they learned he was not inside.

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Search Warrants / Additional Suspects

Police are working on getting search warrants to gather more information about possible, additional suspects. According to the Police Department, they expect more arrests.

“We appreciate our citizens providing information that led to Medsker’s arrest and we intend to send a message that the honest people of Independence and the IPD will not tolerate those that seek to participate or aid in criminal activity.”

June 2 Hit and Run

The Independence Police Department states that charges against the suspect stem from an incident on Laurel near 12th Street last week. Shortly after noon on Thursday, officers responded to an injury accident with a car vs. cyclist.

They found a 39-year-old man with serious injuries.

According to the IPD, witnesses reported the suspect vehicle left the scene. They identified the driver and reported a small child was with him. The witnesses allegedly reported the suspect intentionally hit the cyclist.

“Officers documented evidence at the scene that indicated it was an intentional act and not a vehicle accident,” states the Independence Police Department.

Authorities say a different driver returned to the scene with the suspect vehicle.

EMS took the victim to a hospital for treatment.

Police believe Medsker knows the victim. They alleged this was a targeted attack of opportunity, not a random act. They started searching for him for attempted murder, aggravated battery and aggravated endangerment of a child.

Due to privacy restrictions, IPD states it’s not releasing information about the victim or the victim’s medical condition.

Pursuit and Medsker’s Arrest

On Saturday, June 11, around 8:38 pm, police got information about Medsker being on a motorized bicycle going north on 11th from Myrtle in Independence.

According to the Police Department, officers found him near 10th and Willow. A pursuit started and lasted for about 18 blocks. Authorities say Medsker abandoned the bike and ran on foot… then returned to the bike.

Man wanted for Attempted Murder in Hit and Run captured

The chase continued. Police say Medsker went off the roadway while on the bike.

“Officers forced Medsker off the bike near 14th and Chestnut. The canine team was deployed but officers had Medsker restrained before the dog reached him. There were no injuries or damages reported during the incident,” according to the Independence Police Department.