Month Long forecast blog. What will August end up like?

Month Long forecast blog. What will August end up like?

Good Monday night or Tuesday morning.  I hope you have enjoyed the fantastic temperatures the past few days.  It has felt so much better but the heat will return, but we get a few really nice days.  At least we get about 3 more great days of nice temps.  We have a weak wave on Thursday that will give us a few scattered showers on Thursday and Friday.  Besides that, a pretty calm weather week.  So lets look at the month long.

Tuesday looks great.


You can see the heat working in by the weekend.



We are in the last cycle of the Heady Pattern.

Month Long

This is one of my favorite times of the year with the Heady Pattern(HP).  Over the next 7 weeks, the current HP will morph into the new HP that will control the weather for the next year.  I am hoping for a little more active pattern next year, just one that has a little more weather.  Not saying bad weather just more, lol.  Alright, lets go week to week starting with August 8th.

Week 1

You can see the rain chances but when I say hot, mainly 90s.  Warm, mainly in the 80s.  Lets move to the next week.

Week 2

The last full week of August looks pretty good.

Week 3

Lets go one more week into the holiday weekend of Labor Day that as of now looks hot and dry.

Week 4

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Next Saturday:  We’ll stay in the upper 80s to near 90 with some t-storm chances possible.

August 8th-14th:  The first half of the week will be hot with the second half warm with mainly 80s.  However, scattered thunderstorm chances each day.

August 15th-21st:  A warm start to the week and then a hot finish.  Isolated storms on Sunday and Monday, then again by Saturday.

August 22nd-28th:  Mainly a warm week with isolated storms Tuesday through Thursday.

August 29th-September 4th:  A warm work week but hot into the weekend.  Thunderstorm chances Sunday, Monday and Thursday.

September 5th-11th:  A hot start then back to warm the second half of the week.  Scattered storms Tuesday through Saturday.