Monday’s Child: Meet Jaden

Jaden 2 26 21

TOPEKA, Kan. – There are hundreds of Kansas foster children who are waiting to be adopted.

Each Monday, during the KOAM News at Noon, we will spotlight one of those children in the hopes of getting them closer to finding their forever home.

Today, meet 14-year-old Jaden.

Jaden is a happy, sociable girl who loves to laugh and be with other people! She enjoys going places, looking at books, listening to music, and stacking and building with blocks.

In gym class at school, Jaden enjoys tossing balloons. At school, Jaden benefits from adapted materials and one-on-one care and support to help her to succeed.

She would benefit most from a family that has a great deal of patience as well as substantial free time to assist her with her daily needs. She needs a loving, understanding family that will always be there for her and that will advocate for her, to ensure that she will have the services she needs to transition into adulthood.

The Kansas foster care system is only considering families living in the state at this time.

Anyone interested in becoming an adoptive parent may visit the Adopt Kansas Kids website at or email