Monday’s Child: Meet Ian

Adopt Kansas Kids - Ian

Hundreds of children in the Kansas Foster Care system are waiting to be adopted. Each Monday during KOAM News at Noon, we honor one of those children in the hope of getting them closer to finding their forever home.

Today, we meet Ian.

He’s been described as clever and creative, relishes spending time outside and loves swimming and any activities involving water. He also likes to go on hikes. These are great activities that provide wonderful outlets for him to expend his energy. They also provide space for him to be rambunctious and animated.

Ian also enjoys playing with fidgets and toy cars to help him focus, and being tickled makes him laugh.

He’s a caring boy, and he’s good at playing independently.

Ian needs a family that can provide constant supervision and stick with him no matter what. He needs a family that can provide a calming, patient and loving home atmosphere in order to help him continue to learn and grow. Ian’s ideal family would have the knowledge and ability to access home-based community services and advocate for him throughout his life.

Adopt Kansas Kids is only considering families living in Kansas at this time.