Monark Southern Baptist is working with organizations with 25 million dollar food grant

The Neosho church is providing relief to families by distributing food due to the COVID-19 pandemic

NEOSHO, Mo. – Monark Southern Baptist Church in Neosho is working with other organizations who received a $25 million grant, as part of the USDA Farmers to Families Food Box program.  This food box program is giving families some much needed assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“So what we do is distribute for them.  We cover Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri,” says Rev. Melvin Stapp.

Felicia Goswick works with the church ministry on a regular basis. She says it’s rewarding to provide families some assistance.

“Just being able to give this little bit of hope that we have here. Giving them some relief in their bills and allowing them to pickup some food,” says Goswick.

Goswick and other volunteers saw a steady line of cars throughout Wednesday.

“We were so busy earlier today. I don’t even know how many we’ve helped but it’s been awesome. We’ve had three different truckloads come in today. So that’s a lot of food we’ve been able to distribute,” adds Goswick.

The church has a food ministry throughout the year. Stapp says they are always excited to give back when they can.

“Giving food to people who need it allows them to use money, if they have it, for other items that they can. It’s meaningful because everybody needs food,” adds Stapp.

Monark Southern Baptist Church will be receiving food items over the next six to eight weeks.
They start distributing food around 9 am.