Moms get community involved to support Greyhounds football amid Coronavirus pandemic

Bailey Lyons and Courtney Clayton helped raise $2,700 for quarantine care packages and goodie bags for athletes

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Bailey Lyons and Courtney Clayton are moms. And when news came out that fourteen Fort Scott Football players needed to be quarantined, they stepped up.

“We kind of just put it out there and said, hey we’d be happy to put some packages together to take to these kids that are in quarantine. And it exploded,” Lyons says.

Donations from the community poured in. They raised $2,700 in just 9 hours. The athletes in quarantine were provided with a care package that would help get through their fourteen days in isolation. And goodie bags were made for each football player on the team.

“If those were my kids that were in a new place and thousands of miles away from me, I would really hope that somebody would step in and them,” adds Lyons.

“My heart is just filled with joy seeing them come in here, and you know, I’m a boy mom. Instantly, I just want to hug them and tell them, you know, we’re so happy to have you here,” says Clayton.

Quarterback Jack Caudle has only been in Fort Scott for three days. He says he is thankful for this kind gesture.

“I don’t know anywhere else — any other community college that has such a great community. I mean, we are blessed,” Caudle adds.

Originally from Dallas, Andrew Henry is in his second year as a Greyhound. He says the kindness he’s been shown has made Fort Scott his second home.

“Right now, with everything that’s been going on in the world, I feel like people coming together is a big deal. I know from them to do this for us — it means a lot,” says Henry.

Greyhounds head football coach Carson Hunter says they could not be more grateful for what the community has done.

“Most of our guys haven’t even been here a full week and they already got the biggest hug in the history of Fort Scott from everybody here in town. This isn’t anything we asked for but it’s something we can’t say thank you enough for,” says Hunter.

“The community stepped up in a huge way. They really showed the love and support that they have for the kids here. And I hope that the kids really realize that, you know, we welcome them here and we’re happy to have them,” Clayton adds.

Some funds that were raised are still available to make more quarantine care packages if needed.