MoDOT crews keeping roads clear in changing weather

Rain before snow can cause issues
MoDOT crews keeping roads clear in changing weather
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Crews with MoDOT busy last night and today keeping the highways in and around Joplin clear. But that job, isn’t always easy in changing conditions.

The roads across Joplin spent the majority of the day clear and dry, and that’s thanks to the efforts of the street crews, and operators like Ryan Boyd, who says the always changing weather, keeps them on their toes. Ryan Boyd, Crew Leader with MoDOT says “Most of our events around here start with rain, so we’ll kinda keep an eye on it, the temperatures, see when we’re going to start putting down a pretreatment, if it does start cooling off, we like to get something down under the ice or snow, but we don’t want to put it down too early so it washes right off either.”

That’s what made this situation a bit more complicated, because of the rain that fell for a good portion of Wednesday night. But Boyd says his crews are always prepared. Boyd says “We’ll always use a lot more salt on an ice situation like that instead of snow, because it just takes so much more to melt the ice instead of snow.”

During the daytime hours, if ice or snow does build up, as drivers head out, it begins to melt, and when temperatures drop well below freezing, Boyd says his crews have to stay on top of it. Boyd says “Just the wetness of the road, we’ve got to watch it real close, and when it’s this cold, if it turns wet, it’s going to turn to ice, so we’ve really got to watch it and if it starts turning to ice then the snow is going to start sticking.”

So when you’re driving around on the clear and dry roads in the area, be sure to thank a salt truck driver for making your commute, safer. Boyd also tells us that the “Keep Back 100 Feet” signs on those trucks aren’t there just to slow you down, he says the salt can bounce enough that if you’re too close, it could damage your windshield.