MO-KAN racers compete for top prize in bracket series

ASBURY, Mo. – Plenty of Four-Staters were enjoying a day at the races Sunday and checking out the bracket series over at the MO-KAN Dragway in Asbury, Missouri.

The event featured lots of local racers in a variety of race categories, including super pro, motorcycle, junior comp and even a “no electronics” race. One of the newer racers took time to talk to KOAM, and say what got him into this unique hobby.

“I’m getting into bracket racing,” said Jonathan Shipman. “It’s more based on time, consistency, and reaction time, all that kind of stuff. It’s something my dad did 20 years ago with his buddies, and some of my buddies do it today. (It) got me back into it last year. Really, when COVID happened, everybody was looking for that activity to fill the time.”

The 2021 bracket series returns to the MO-KAN Dragway on Sunday, May 16th.