Mitt Romney Speaks at Pitt State

Mitt Romney Speaks at Pitt State

Former Massachusetts Governor, and the Republican Party’s nominee for president in 2012 was at Pitt State this afternoon. Mitt Romney part of the university’s H. Lee Speaker Series. He spoke positively about the future of the country and also answered questions submitted by students.
Unfortunately, his office wouldn’t allow any television cameras inside the performance hall.
Topics ranged from business, family life and politics, including how he sees the current negative tone of political conversations. He says he doesn’t see it changing anytime soon saying, “what I expect is that the pendulum will have swung so far and people will get so tired of it that there will be a movement in the opposite direction at some point.”
He didn’t specifically talk about President Trump but students say it was at an earlier round table discussion that he shared his thoughts on policies including the proposed border wall.
“He said he didn’t believe that it would be an effective way to stop illegal immigration and he talked about a visa type system,” says student Kolleen Gladden.
Many students commented on the emphasis he placed on the political parties being able to work together.
“He talked about his time as the Massachusetts Governor and how he was open to democrats and republicans alike and that the main reason for their success was that they were able to work together,” says Hank Kloninger.
Romney also said the key to ensuring Americans are getting the best education is hiring the very best teachers.
“He did talk about focusing on education a lot and how our nation is just driven through the younger generations so that we can make them as knowledgeable as possible so they can make good decisions in the future,” says Steven Andersen.
When it comes to the future of the nation, Romney is optimistic saying there are many things that make this nation great and “one thing that is essential to the greatness of the nation…is that we are great because we are good.”
He also told the students they are the present and future of America and that success not only comes from education but also from the goodness of their heart.
Romney also said that Russia could be a threat to a peaceful world order and when it comes to health care reform, he said he ‘ s hopeful that republicans and democrats can find common ground in either fixing or replacing the current system.