Missouri Voters Decide Whether to Adopt Non Election Law

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Several Missouri communities are deciding whether to adopt the state’s new non-election law which was passed last year.

It’s been around for years for schools, fire districts, and other political subdivisions, but never applied to municipalities.

In the case where the number of government openings is equal to the number of candidates filed a group can decide to forgo the election entirely.

The change is aimed to make elections cheaper, but Newton County Clerk Kay Baum tells us it’s not significant enough to make a big difference among a small electorate.

“It’s not going to save them all that much really because the school districts, you know, pay for the biggest chunk of the election,” says Baum.

Only communities with a population of less than 1,000 apply to the law, and the governing body has to adopt an ordinance and put the issue before voters.

If passed, the decision will stand for six years. Eight communities in Newton County have it on the ballot, two in McDonald County. Six from Newton County declined because it eliminates the possibility for write-in candidates.