Missouri snowy road conditions cause multiple crashes throughout the day

Highways saw the most accidents
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For those braving the winter weather and taking to the roads in the Joplin area, caution was of the utmost importance.

“We’re seeing a rather unusual event for us, Joplin and the surrounding areas of jasper county are dead center of a snow storm” said Joplin Emergency Management Director, Keith Stammer.

The morning started out with covered roads, and very little visibility.
Some people even tried to shovel it away on the sidewalks on Main street as it continued to come down.

“The road and bridge crews public work crews, are all out within the city and the county, MODOT is out as well. The snow rate doesn’t seem so bad that they can’t keep up with it, but of course that puts a lot of snow on the side of the road and gives people the false impression that just because the roads have been scrapped their okay, but it’s not, there is ice under there” added Stammer.

Highways took the brunt of the weather. I-49 had multiple crashes throughout the day, fender benders, and a semi-truck running off the road.

And as the day progressed, crews continued working and the snow-covered roads turned into slush.
But it still didn’t prevent further crashes from happening.

Again on I-49, a car was pulled out of a ditch. A semi-truck had to be towed out of one as well on 249 and I-44.

“On a day like this the best piece of advice we can give is to think ahead, leave early, drive slowly make sure you get there in plenty of time and please pay attention to the weather as it progresses” said Stammer.

Stammer advises those who continue to hit the roads to do so with caution.

“People are going to drive over the snow it’s going to melt it’s going to refreeze, temperatures are not going to get above freezing today and tonight and it looks like it’s not going to be above freezing tomorrow, they’re going to continue to be slick and they’re going to get slicker.”

Officials with the Joplin Police Department say they are not under emergency road conditions and officers will be out on the roads tending to crash reports.

They say they responded to 13 crashes today, 12 non injury, 1 unknown injury and 15 vehicle assists.