Missouri Senator Josh Hawley addresses China, accountability for COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Missouri Senator Josh Hawley opens up about the legislation he’s filed to hold China accountable for the damages caused by the Coronavirus.

We spoke with Senator Hawley on the bill he filed and the subsequent lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt. Hawley says it’s important to hold China accountable because he says they knew about the Coronavirus before the start of the new year and didn’t do anything to prevent the spread. However, he expressed concerns over current federal laws regarding the suit.

“Right now federal law does not allow that, it gives China what’s called sovereign immunity, my bill would take that away, so I think that the State of Missouri, I applaud them for stepping out and being bold about this, I hope other states will follow, and I hope congress will change the law so Americans and Missourians can get their day in court.”

Hawley says his goal is to get Chinese assets frozen to help Americans re-coup costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.