Missouri ranks at bottom for states driving safety laws

16th Annual Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws
Missouri ranks at bottom for states driving safety laws

Missouri lawmakers are taking action to curb distracted driving at a time when the state ranks one of the worst for driving safety laws.

Two bills are proposed. One would prohibit using hand held wireless devices by all drivers. In Missouri now the ban now only applies to those under age 21. A second bill would ban cell phone use in school zones.

The group Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety ranked states on how many of sixteen key safety laws each has in place. While Kansas tied for the 14th best state with nine laws in place, Missouri is at the bottom tied for the 3rd worst with only four of the sixteen laws in place. Oklahoma has ten of the sixteen laws.

The report said Missouri needs: primary enforcement seat belt laws both front and rear; children in rear facing seats through age two and a booster seat law; tighter restrictions for graduated driver licenses including learners permits at a minimum age of 16 and including cell phone restrictions; open container law; and all driver text messaging restrictions. For a link to the full report click here.