Missouri now giving Pfizer booster shots to eligible residents

Missouri Now Giving Pfizer Booster Shots To Eligible Residents 2
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JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri is now administering the Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots to eligible residents. The state will be following CDC guidance.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) amended the state’s standing order for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine administration. It will now include the booster shot for those who are eligible.

Booster Shot eligibility

Missourians who received the Pfizer vaccine can receive a booster shot at least six months after their initial series based on CDC guidance:

  • anyone 65 years and older and residents in long-term care settings should receive a booster;
  • people aged 50–64 years with underlying medical conditions should receive a booster;
  • people aged 18–49 years with underlying medical conditions may receive a booster; and
  • people aged 18-64 years who are at increased risk for COVID-19 exposure and transmission because of occupational or institutional setting (e.g. frontline medical workers, teachers, and first responders) may receive a booster.

You can find a list of medical conditions categorized as ‘high-risk’ by the CDC here. Missourians with an underlying medical condition should speak with their healthcare provider about whether a booster shot is right for them.

According to the DHSS, federal health experts are still reviewing data from Moderna and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). Following the review, they’ll decide when recipients may be eligible for a booster shot. The DHSS says Missouri providers will be ready to administer Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster shots when they are recommended.

Pfizer Booster Shots

Residents can get the Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots anywhere the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is available. “Individuals do not need to get their booster shot at the same location they received their initial series,” stated the DHSS. Eligible residents can visit MOStopsCovid.com to find a nearby provider and schedule an appointment or locate a walk-in clinic.

“Providers operating under the state’s standing orders should follow the guidance as written for COVID-19 booster shot administration. For providers who are operating under their own order, it is recommended that CDC guidance also be followed.” – Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Flu Shots

Individuals can schedule the flu shot and the COVID-19 booster shot at the same time. Various providers are now making flu vaccines available. Health officials recommend the flu vaccine annually for everyone 6 months and older.

More About COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Shots

“Research shows that all COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States continue to be highly effective at preventing severe illness and death,” states the DHSS.

How Missourians can get a free COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Check for vaccine appointments at Vaccines.gov, where you can search for availability by vaccine type (e.g., Pfizer).
  • Call the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine hotline at 1-800-232-0233 (or TTY 1-888-720-7489). Help is available in multiple languages.
  • Locate local vaccination events in Missouri at MOStopsCovid.com.
  • Seniors and homebound adults can make arrangements using information at MOStopsCovid.com/seniors

Missouri DHSS COVID-19 Public Hotline

  • 1-877-435-8411
  • Mon.-Fri., 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.

How Missourians can get a free COVID-19 test:

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