Missouri legislation would require state workers to visit some child care facilities

Missouri legislation would require state workers to visit some child care facilities
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For Russell Roderick and Brian Simmons, providing child care is a privilege.
“We want to be a help a to the family to lead their family at home and also be a positive support,” said Roderick.
The two pastors run the FBC Learning Center, a not-for-profit ministry day care and preschool out of First Baptist Church in Carl Junction that accepts child care subsidy dollars from the state of Missouri.
Now, a new bill will require the center to follow stricter rules, including onsighon sighting and inspections.
“The required training is based on quite a bit of research showing that giving people who do child care some basic skills training really makes a different in protecting the health and safety of children,” said Dr. L. Carol Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Child Care Aware of Missouri.
Pastor Roderick says additional training strenthensstrengthensization. “As long as the training and different things that the state might require don’t interfere in the way we operate in our beliefs, I’m totally for that.”
Simmons agrees.
“We all need to be consistently trained, to learn what’s new,” he says.
But he also says the new requirements could mean higher costs.
“We do our best to keep our rates at the very lowest we can but with added training, with added staff, we do have to have added expenses occasionally as well,” said Simmons.
Officials say the new legislation also protects the economy.
“Childcare helps parents work, in every industry in this state, there are parents who are working because they have good childcare that they can rely on,” says Dr.Scott.
The bill striDr .Scottsitive note with some parents.
“It’s important that they can leave to go to their job and feel that they have the qualified, certified people taking care of their young,” said Jeremy Miller, Carl Junction parent.
Which Roderick and Simmons say is their goal.
“It’s families that can have more peace of mind about the folks that are working day-to-day with their kids,” said Simmons.
The bill is awaiting Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s signature.
More information can be found at Child Care Aware of Missouri and Child Care Aware of Kansas.