Missouri gun law poses alleged threat to public

Missouri Gun Law Poses Alleged Threat To Public
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri law forbidding local police from enforcing federal gun laws poses a threat to the public, according to the U.S Department of Justice.

A court brief filed Tuesday by the DOJ outlines multiple examples.

One instance highlights an Independence police officer who was killed in a shootout in September. Local authorities initially refused federal assistance in tracing the murder weapon.

Missouri House bills 85 and 310 (the Second Amendment Protection Act), prevent federal intervention for gun-related crimes.

Differing views

This bill has been in contention between Missouri lawmakers and federal agencies over the past year.

According to State Senator Eric Burlison, “The Second Amendment Preservation Act declares all federal laws, rules, orders or other actions which restrict or prohibit the manufacture, ownership and use of firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition exclusively in Missouri will not be enforced by state law enforcement, state municipal officials and other state officials.”

A DOJ brief says the law “poses a clear and substantial threat to public safety” and has “seriously impaired the federal government’s ability to combat violent crime in Missouri.”

Alleged risk

People who feel that police have obstructed their 2nd Amendment can sue local authorities for up to $50,000 Governor Parson signed SAPA.

The Missouri Information and Analysis Center, as well as the Missouri state crime lab no longer cooperates with federal agencies during federal firearms offense investigations because of this. Highway Patrol, along with many other agencies, has also suspended joint efforts to enforce federal firearms laws according to the DOJ.

The Justice Department also says the Missouri State Crime Lab refuses to process evidence, slowing investigations.

State vs. Federal law

After Governor Mike Parson signed a bill that bans police from enforcing federal gun rules, the Justice Department warned Missouri officials that the state can’t ignore federal law.

The Governor and Attorney General Eric Schmitt wrote that they still plan to enforce the new law. The measure would penalize local police departments if their officers enforce any federal gun laws.

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