Missouri Governor Signs New Ridesharing Bill

Missouri Governor Signs New Ridesharing Bill

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens signs a bill reducing regulations on ridesharing services.
The bill is aimed at making it easier for individuals to join a ridesharing service such as “UBER” or “LYFT”.
Mayor Seibert says “I think it’s very beneficial for a community the size of Joplin to add a new amenity to the city.”
An amenity — that meets the digital needs of today’s generation.
“When it comes to anything, apps do help out a lot, so, I believe having an app, that would be a lot more easier for people.” said Joplin Resident Dacota Cook.
With many of the ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft, all you have to do is take out your phone, download an app, point, click, and a ride shows up, but there can be hidden dangers for those providing the ride.
Skye Divine referenced the possible dangers involved.
“That’s with anything, you’re always going to take a risk in any job you choose, but you take the chance, you can’t let one bad seed ruin the rest of the apples for your life.”
“The changes in the bill reduce the requirements for background checks, such as eliminating the need for finger printing, or sending fees and forms to the FBI, which Mayor Ebert says he doesn’t believe is a major concern.”
“These services are not a new service, so I mean, there’s a lot of framework and a lot of rider protections that are built in with these systems.”
Siebert says the city now has to look at its code for ridesharing services.
The city attorney will be looking at that and seeing if there’s anything from a city standpoint that we need to look at to address any changes in a city ordinance.
And once those regulations are established…Skye is looking forward to the new opportunities.
I’ve actually considered wanting to become an Uber driver, and not many people know about Uber.
Mayor Seibert says he believes the addition of ridesharing services will help generate more jobs for the city.