Missouri enters Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccination plan

NEOSHO, Mo. —Missouri is entering Phase 2 of the state’s COVID-19 vaccination eligibility plan. This opened up eligibility to Missourians employed in construction, critical manufacturing, higher education, and remaining food and agriculture sectors. This also includes disproportionately affected populations with an emphasis on racial and ethnic minorities, among others.

Larry Bergner from the Newton County Health Department stresses the importance of those working in food sectors being eligible for vaccines.

 “In the restaurant sector, they need to be vaccinated because they’re dealing with a large amount of the public. As they come into those dining facilities, and then those who are working in the kitchens and doing the other work in the restaurant, they need to protect themself as much as possible,” Bergner said.

The state is also opening up eligibility for those experiencing homelessness. Bergner said that because many in that group may struggle to access technology to sign up for the vaccine, there are groups trying to help make the process smooth.

 “I know there’s a couple of groups that are trying to make contact with some of the homeless, and they’ll fill the paperwork out and take care of them as they roam about the community and know where those pockets of homeless people are, they’ll take care of that group,” Bergner said.

On April 9th, Missouri will enter Phase 3, which will open up eligibility for all adults in the state.