Missouri enters final phase of vaccine distribution plan

A Vaccine Is Prepared At Freeman Hospital

JOPLIN, Mo. – Joplin’s Freeman Hospital vaccinated around 600 4-Staters Friday as the state of Missouri enters the final phase of its vaccine distribution plan.

Folks who stopped by got their shots for a variety of reasons.

“You know, eventually I’d like to take my family on a vacation after this year of quarantining, right? So any opportunity to put myself in that position is one that I’m going to take,” said vaccine recipient Spencer Daniels.

“I had COVID and it was pretty bad, and I don’t want to get it again,” said vaccine recipient Rhonda Straw.

Shaw also says she’s getting vaccinated because she doesn’t want her loved ones to go through what she went through.

“I had it bad enough that I couldn’t breath. I had no energy. My husband had to give me a shower and wash my hair,” said Shaw.

Missouri entering its final vaccination phase means all state residents, ages 16 and up, can now get registered for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Freeman’s chief clinical officer says there’s no cost for the shots, and has some advice for anybody who still hasn’t made up their mind about Coronavirus vaccination.

“I would like to encourage anybody out there that is on the fence about getting the vaccine, if they want information, reach out to a healthcare professional. We’re always here if they’ve got questions, and I would encourage everyone to get the shot,” said Freeman Chief Clinical Officer Jeff Thompson.

Freeman doesn’t have another large-scale vaccination clinic planned as of now, but encourages people to keep registering for the shot on their website and to pay attention to their Facebook page.