Missouri Election Poll: Approval ratings of election officials

Missouri Election Poll: Approval Ratings Of Election Officials

KOAM is partnering with Gray TV in Missouri for a series of polls on a variety of topics ahead of the primary elections. The partnership gives KOAM the rights to exclusively share the poll results with viewers in our local 4-State market.

We’ll have more poll results leading up to the election. You can find a link to them at KOAMNewsNow.com/elections.

Today’s survey looks at the approval ratings of those in office and the elections ahead. You can watch the video about the results below and find the full results in the PDF at the bottom of the article. Or, click here.


SurveyUSA interviewed 2,175 Missouri adults online from May 11, 2022, through May 15, 2022. They used a sample provided by Lucid Holdings LLC of New Orleans. Of the adults, 1,782 were identified as being registered to vote. The pool of adult survey respondents was weighted to US Census targets for gender, age, race, education, and home ownership.

Presidential Election

In November 2020, Missouri voters gave the nod to Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Joe Biden by a 15-point margin, 56.8% for Trump, 41.4% for Biden. Today, SurveyUSA finds Missouri voters ready to do – exactly – the same thing again, voting for Donald J. Trump by a 15-point margin, 50% to 35%, with 15% undecided. Few are switching horses, and those who are offset one another: 3% of those who voted for Trump last time say they would vote for Biden this time; 5% of those who voted for Biden in 2020 say they’d vote for Trump in 2024.


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Missouri Election Poll Approval ratings of election officials