Missouri begins issuing medical marijuana dispensary licenses

We know of two local denials, one approval

JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri is handing out approvals and denials for medical marijuana dispensaries a day early.

According to Lisa Cox with the State of Missouri, due to the large batch of applicants, the full list of approvals and denials won’t be out until Friday, however, we already know the results for three local dispensaries.

One of those was the Sarcoxie Nursery, who had their other license requests denied, also had their dispensary request denied. In a statement to KOAM, officials with Sarcoxie Nursery said quote “We are disappointed that all four of our dispensary applications were denied. This remains consistent with the flawed scoring process that has been brought into question by us and others.”

Suzanne’s Natural Foods was another dispensary applicant. Owner Suzanne Nelson confirmed on the phone that her application was denied as well, telling us quote “I was praying about it if I’m meant to have this it’ll happen and if not then either we’re not or it’s just not the right timing right now.”

However, Dr. Lisa Roark’s application for the Cassville Dispensary was approved.

Local patient advocate Michelle Holloman weighed in on the news saying her concern in the end, is dispensary accessibility to patients. Holloman says “There will be barriers with transportation, there will be people who aren’t able to be able not only just afford the product they need to purchase the medication they need to have, but then also make those trips to places.”

She was also concerned about the local denials. “What we’re really missing out on is people like Paul Callicoat, Wendy Callicoat, their family, who have been not only a cardiologist in the area for 30 plus years, but patient advocates, they know medicine, they know the people in this area as well, they’ve lived here, they’ve invested here, so for people like them and also Suzanne’s to be denied, it’s not just a denial for them and the what I’m sure is thousands and thousands of dollars they’ve invested in this process, but that patients won’t have access to their type of excellent care and service.”

But she’s hopeful that as the state eases into the new world of medical marijuana, things will change, positively for patients and those invested in the process.

Again, the full list of approved and denied dispensaries is expected to be released by the state sometime tomorrow.