Missouri auditor’s help sought in Hawley investigation

Probe exams public resources in Senate campaign
Missouri auditor’s help sought in Hawley investigation

Missouri’s Republican secretary of state is asking the Democratic auditor for help investigating Senator-elect Josh Hawley over allegations that he misused public resources to boost his campaign.
Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft on Monday asked Auditor Nicole Galloway to review claims against Hawley, who is currently serving as attorney general. The Republican unseated Senator Claire McCaskill in November.
At issue are allegations by American Democracy Legal Fund. The liberal group complained that it was a misuse of taxpayer-funded resources for political consultants to direct attorney general staff to do work that would help Hawley’s Senate bid.
The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is pushing back against the allegations. First Assistant and Solicitor General John Sauer in a Monday letter called the complaint against Hawley “a frivolous act of political harassment.”
Sauer says Hawley’s Senate campaign wasn’t formed until after the consultants’ work. He called it “absurd” to argue that good work by public employees is illegal because it might indirectly benefit a future electoral campaign.