Missing Cavy: How you can help Bonnie the Cavy reunite with her family

Kalaya Miller of the Rockabilly Party Pony petting zoo in Mt. Vernon talks to KOAM about Bonnie, her missing Cavy, and what you can do to help.

Mr. Rogers and Bonnie are two Patagonian Caviidaes owned by Kalaya Miller. She was in the market for something new, so she adopted the pair.

Unfortunately for Kalaya and Mr. Rogers, Bonnie has recently gone missing near their home in Carthage. Bonnie’s disappearance has left Mr. Rogers distraught because cavy’s mate for life, which means Mr. Rogers lost his life partner.

Mr. Rogers wouldn’t eat for a few days after Bonnie’s disappearance, and he won’t go inside like he normally does. After losing some weight, Mr. Rogers has begun to eat again, but he’s still clearly very upset about his missing mate.

Kalaya says having a cavy as a pet is no different from a dog or a cat. They come and go from the house as they please and hang out with Kalaya and her family.

If you see Bonnie, you shouldn’t approach her because cavys are skittish animals. Kalaya instead asks you call her at 417-310-3842.