Misfit puppies get the chance to find loving homes

Misfit Mutts in Carl Junction is helping puppies with imperfections find forever familes

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Misfit Mutts in Carl Junction is on a mission to help puppies with imperfections find loving homes. Owner Danielle Farrar has been matching misfit pups to families for twelve years. But Farrar opened up her storefront just last month.

“I work with pet stores, transport companies, different breeders whenever puppies don’t get sold — they send them to me for various reasons. Overbites, under bites, thin hair — different little misfits,” says Farrar.

No matter how these puppies are different, they eventually find a loving home.

“If you just tell them the truth from the beginning that this dog may have a little bit of an issue then they know they will still love that dog,” adds Farrar.

Last November, Christy Walker and her family, who live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were not looking for the perfect show dog, rather a companion.

“So Gus has — when he was younger he had some pretty thin hair up here on his forehead almost like a balding look, but it’s come in and he’s just fine. We would have loved him either way,” says Walker.

Walker says the work that Farrar is doing to find these lovable pups homes is big.

“Some people see as a flaw with the puppies — the breeder can’t sell of course and so they get rid of them and so who knows what might happen to them otherwise, so I think it’s a really great thing that she is doing,” adds Walker.

Veterinarian Shannah Cassatt says finding a good home and a good fit for a puppy is important.

“Some pups do better with certain types of personalities, so it’s better to have a good fit than it is to sometimes have a one hundred percent perfect puppy,” says Cassatt. “Most puppies will have some imperfection that we can detect.  Not always, but sometimes they do.”

As for the puppies Farrar receives, she says she can not change where the dog comes from, she can only change its future.

“Lot of people asking me are these puppy mill dogs. And I don’t research where the dogs come from because it makes no difference to me. Regardless, the dog still needs a home,” adds Farrar.

Misfit Mutts updates its Facebook page regularly, posting new photos of puppies ready to adopt.