Millions in state funding to Joplin to help repair infrastructure

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon signs legislation sending $14 million to Joplin in a bill that fixes a loss of vehicle taxes to cities and counties across the state.

The money directed to Joplin specifically will be used to repair or replace streets, curbs, storm sewers, gutters and other city infrastructure damaged by the May 2011 tornado.

Mayor Melodee Colbert Kean says it’s a big boost to continuing efforts and will help the city get that much further in recovery.

Kean says the funds will allow the city council to utilize the regular budget for non-tornado projects that still need to be done.

The bill reinstates local taxes on vehicles bought from out-of-state dealers or through person-to-person sales.

The Missouri Supreme Court ruled last year local sales taxes can not be charged on vehicles bought out of state.

The new law redefines vehicle sales taxes by applying them to the titling of vehicles.