Military dad helps his daughter prepare for the Miss Kansas Pageant

An 11 year old girl from rural Scammon gets a little help from her military father to prepare for this year’s Miss Kansas Pageant.

“I always call her ‘the poser’ because if she catches you taking pictures at Christmas or during the holidays, she always does her little poses,” says Staff Sergeant Jeremy Layman.

Layman has gone on five tours in Egypt, Kuwait and Afghanistan. The military dad has gone from squad leader to professional photographer as his daughter, Amber, prepares for the Miss Kansas Pageant this July in Wichita.

“It’s a struggle because obviously I have an 11 year old daughter and I have my own stuff going on, so it’s really hard for us to find stuff in common,” says Staff Sergeant Layman. “I have her help me with projects around the house, and stuff like that, we do stuff, but this is something she really likes so, I’m happy to do it with her.”

And as it turns out there are a lot of tips a military father can pass along to his pageant daughter.

“He taught me to keep my back straight, shoulders back, head up, and I’m trying, it’s kind of hard for me, but to keep my eyes focused,” says Amber.

Amber says it isn’t just about the crown. She hopes to use the platform of Miss Kansas to spread a message near and dear to her heart.

“It appeals to me that I could be famous and tell people not to fight, so that people’s parents won’t have to go away for years on end and you won’t have to worry about your dad and mom coming back home,” says Amber.

Staff Sergeant Layman says the time spent photographing is not just good for bonding with his daughter, it’s also good practice for the photojournalism degree he is currently earning from Pittsburg State University.

Amber says she is already planning to use the competition as a springboard for a Miss USA and even Miss Universe title as well.