Michigan to be first state to ban flavored e-cigarette sales

Michigan to be first state to ban flavored e-cigarette sales

Michigan is set to become the first US state to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes, according to an announcement Wednesday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The ban gives sellers 30 days to comply and lasts six months — though the governor can decide to renew it. This includes sales in brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online sales.

Citing these products’ appeal to kids, Whitmer also ordered the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to “ban misleading marketing of vaping products, including the use of terms like ‘clean,’ ‘safe,’ and ‘healthy’ that perpetuate beliefs that these products are harmless,” the announcement said.

“As governor, my number one priority is keeping our kids safe,” Whitmer said in the statement. “And right now, companies selling vaping products are using candy flavors to hook children on nicotine and misleading claims to promote the belief that these products are safe. That ends today.”

In a statement, the CEO of the American Heart Association, Nancy Brown, supported the move, citing nicotine’s addictive impacts on the developing brain and the unknown long-term health risks of vaping.

“We know shockingly little about the health impact of e-cigarettes being widely marketed to youth and adults,” Brown said. “The recent outbreak of respiratory illnesses associated with e-cigarette use has only added to the uncertainty and increased the need for immediate action.”

In June, San Francisco’s board of supervisors unanimously voted to make the city the first in the US to effectively ban e-cigarette sales. The