Michael Steven Young

December 13, 1989 - June 23, 2020
Michael Young

~ Lovingly Written by the Family ~

Michael Steven Young “Our Little Michael” had a difficult but very happy life. He was wonderful, humorous, and sometimes cantankerous. He had a personality of his own that everyone adored. He was not afraid to tell you how he felt or to set you straight on anything he did not like. He left an impact on everyone he came in contact with.

Little Michael was born on December 13, 1989 at St. Lukes Hospital in Boise, Idaho, to Kelly Young and Steven Young and later adopted by Brian Chollet as his own. He has 4 brothers, Johnathan Young, Nicholas Chollet, Charles Chollet and Cody Chollet and 2 sisters, Tiffany Crandell and Kaitlin Young, that he loved very much. He moved to Missouri with his mom and Brian and has lived with them most of his life.

He loved his Grandparents, Terry Newton and Stan and Caroline Young, and his uncles, Todd and Chris. His Cousin Naomi was his best friend. He attended North Middle School with his favorite teacher, Ruth Ingram, who greatly impacted his and our lives and proudly graduated from Joplin High School alongside of his brother, Johnathan.

Michael was a miracle and an angel on this earth. He was born premature and weighed 1 ½ pounds. He was a survivor and stronger that anyone could imagine. He loved pizza, spaghetti, and any sweets he could get his hands on. He was an active participant in Special Olympics and gained a multitude of medals and ribbons. He was proud of these and would hold his head up high and smile with them around his neck after a big game. Michael loved to attend Camp Barnabus and had the ladies’ hands feeding him leading them to believe he was helpless and then he would laugh at the end of camp when I would tell them he could feed and dress himself and that he they had been smoozed. That was his time though so it was ok and expected. He loved the zoo and the park and loved to bounce and swim. His favorite things were visiting gramma Terry’s house, loud music, dancing, singing and arguing with his brother, Charles.

He did not like vegetables and was known to scoop them up with his spoon and toss them behind him to let you know how he felt about them. He always lit up when Brian came in the room. Michael was his right hand man. Michael may have been blind, but that never stopped him from anything. He was always up to a new adventure and he loved people, just not big crowds. There are so many memories that I could write a book about from his struggles to his triumphs to his many achievements and that all who loved or knew him will cherish.

Michael loved his Grandparents, Stan and Caroline Young, and would bounce and smile when I talked about them. He loved his special cards from them and he knew he got to go shopping when he could feel the cash fall from the cards. He loved getting to pick out his gifts (usually candy and loud toys). Gramma Terry’s house was his second home and he would get excited because he knew he would do a lot of singing, dancing and hugging when he was there. She always had lots of special treats for little Michael.

God had a place saved for Michael in heaven and his presence on earth had a fulfilled purpose. He has been restored and I know is in the most beautiful place now. I imagine him sitting on a picnic table in the middle of a park filled with laughter and flowers that he can now see and smell with his favorite music playing with his family who had gone before him with a ginormous plate of spaghetti and unlimited amounts of chocolate cake. He will be missed and loved by so many and he will struggle no more. All of his love and happiness and presence will resonate with anyone that ever knew him.