Miami to host Oklahoma 8-man All-Star game Saturday

More than 60 of the best 8-man football players in Oklahoma are in Miami this week for the game.
Oklahoma 8-man All-Star football

More than 60 of the best 8-man football players in Oklahoma are in Miami this week for the 8-man All-Star game. 

“It’s just good to be here and have one final high school game,” says Caden Lee, who will be playing left guard in the game for the green team, “It’s good to be among some of the people who are the best of the best in Oklahoma. We’re working hard and we’re ready for the game.” 

The game, which is in its 18th year in Miami, was originally scheduled for the middle of June. 

Due to COVID-19, it was pushed back to this weekend.

“We actually lost in the state championship, and so it’s really cool to be able to play in this game and kind of get that bitter taste out of my mouth,” adds Brady Gilbert, who will play quarterback for the green side. 

The Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau says they’re taking necessary precautions to keep players and coaches safe this week amid the pandemic.

Those precautions include multiple temperature checks every day, giving each player their own room and spraying buses after transporting players.

“I think everything we can possibly do at this point has been done, and it’s been done very well,” says Amanda Davis, Executive Director of the Miami Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, “We’ve been very pleased. The boys haven’t said a thing. They understand what it took for us to get to this point. We are having to go through a lot of extra things this week, and we are very happy to do that. We just wanted to be able to provide an opportunity for these boys to be able to get on the field one more time.”

While it hasn’t been as smooth as the previous 17, Miami is excited to be able to make this weekend happen for the players and the fans. 

“I’m really proud of Miami,” Davis finishes, “I’m proud of our committee. I’m proud of our staff and our team. We’re here. Hopefully everything will be good between now and Saturday and it will be a great game.”

The game will be played on Saturday night on the campus of NEO. Gates open at 4 PM, with kickoff slated for 6 PM. Check out more information on the 8-man All-Star game at