Miami schools start “Seamless Summer” meal program

The program runs from August 12th through August 24th.
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MIAMI, Okla. – The Miami school district started its “Seamless Summer” meal program on Wednesday. 

“Basically we can serve any kid from birth to 18 years old,” says Miami Schools Superintendent Jeremy Hogan, “They don’t just have to be a student at Miami schools. Any student, any child from birth to 18 can come by and get a meal. We can serve all of our community and even outside of our community.”

The district is running the program from August 12th through the 24th to bridge the gap after the start of school was pushed back. 

“It’s a big need,” Hogan says of the program, “It’s a big need for our youth to make sure that their basic nutritional needs are being taken care of with the school buildings being closed. Primarily, that falls on the school’s shoulders to meet those nutritional needs.” 

Kids can pick up multiple meals on Monday and Wednesday at Roosevelt Elementary (North side of the building on 2nd Street NE) and Will Rogers Middle School (front circle drive). The school also delivers to locations throughout Miami. (bus routes below)

Delivery Times

“Most places families can walk to those locations and get the meals,” Hogan says, “It may require a short drive in some of the areas outside of our city limits. We looked at the populations and looked at the number of kids out there in those areas, and we determined where those locations needed to be.” 

When school starts, Miami is offering both in-person and virtual lessons. 

Despite the seamless summer delivery program ending on the 24th, the near 300 students who have chosen virtual lessons will still be able to get meals through the school.

 “We can have those meals pre-packaged for them and they can come pick them up,” Hogan finishes. 

Miami Public Schools will be serving meals through the Seamless Summer Program beginning Wednesday, August 12th, 2020….

Posted by Miami Public Schools on Monday, August 10, 2020