Miami restaurants recognized for giving walls

MIAMI, Okla. – From chicken and waffles to fried pickles and even a cheeseburger with fries, everyone can get something good even if they can’t pay.

“It’s already paid for,” says Lacey Perry, co-owner of Zack’s Cafe in Miami.

That’s all because of the generosity of others — something that’s made a big impact in the community.

“We probably get 30 put up a day and 20 pulled down in a day,” explains Perry.

In February, Lacey and Zack Perry started a giving wall at the cafe after one of her friends saw a similar idea on Facebook. The way the giving wall works is pretty simple. Customers and people in the community can pay for meals and the receipts are put on the giving wall so that someone else can get those meals without worrying about paying.

Perry explains that in just a few short months, more than 400 meals have been put on the wall.

“I knew our community would support it. Everything that we all try to get together on always works really well,” says Perry. “But for average joes that are just coming in and eating, I didn’t think it was gonna get that big. But it has blown up. We have people who will come travel route 66 just to travel, and they’ll come in and eat and buy four or five tickets just because they thought it was cool.”

It’s blown up at The Dawg House as well. Just in the few months since it was set up in February, owner Jennifer White explains around a thousand meals have been put on the wall.

“It’s been exciting. I had to expand to a second wall,” says White.

That’s roughly ten thousand dollars… all going to people in need.

“Nobody had to give. Nobody is forced to. And they’ve just gone above and beyond to take care of their neighbors,” explains White.

But they aren’t the only restaurants with giving walls. Montana Mike’s, also in Miami, also started a wall in February. And Hi Way Cafe in Vinita was not far behind.

“I hope it continues to stick around. And not just that but hopefully give people other good ideas. I wanna know how we can help next,” says White.

It’s because of that generosity that The Dawg House and Zack’s Cafe were officially recognized by the state. On Saturday (5/8), they were given official citations from the state house of representatives.

“I’m really just thankful that everyone’s seeing all the hard work that all of us little restaurants are doing and I just hope that more people jump on,” explains Perry.

But they aren’t taking all the credit, saying that none of it would be possible without the generosity of their small town.

“It just speaks volumes about how awesome our town is,” says White. “I hope our town keeps continuing to be amazing.”

The giving walls at Zack’s Cafe and The Dawg House have also benefited from donations from people all over the country, and even as far away as Australia and Germany.