Miami public school staff is next in line for vaccines

MIAMI, Okla. —Oklahoma is moving forward with their vaccine rollout, and teachers and school staff are next on the list.

For educators, it’s been a long process to get to this point. Miami Public Schools superintendent Jeremy Hogan says they’ve been able to team up with local community partners to get their staff vaccinated.

“Integris Miami, Bearskin health through the Wyandotte Nation, and also Northeastern Tribal Health Center have stepped up to help provide the vaccine for our staff.”

Hogan says a little over 60% of the school district’s staff have received their first dose, with some even onto their second.

Chrisann Lamb, a middle school teacher in Miami, will be getting her second dose later this week. 

Lamb, who’s been teaching in-person since December, has already battled the virus, so she says being fully vaccinated makes her feel better about her job.

“There is hope for us to get out of this sooner, it was really feeling like Covid was going to last a couple years, two three years, of us having to do these things,” she says.

Lamb says getting the vaccine helps her feel one step closer to returning to normalcy.

“We’re doing what needs to happen, and so this is just another step in the process of us getting out of this sooner.”

Hogan says that the most important part of this vaccine effort is that it will allow for more in-person learning.

“It will help us tremendously, with classroom coverage, not having substitutes, having to shift the whole class or maybe a school site to virtual learning, so it’s gonna help greatly.”

Most importantly, it will help keep their staff safe.