Miami Public Library turns 100

The Miami public library is celebrating 100 years of bringing books into the community, but it's history actually goes back much farther.

MIAMI, Ok.–The Miami public library is celebrating 100 years of bringing books into the community, but its history actually goes back much farther.

“They existed a little longer than that. but the first building, the first actual library building opened in November of 1921. and it was a Carnegie building, and it was the last Carnegie grant funds in Oklahoma,” said Marcia Johnson, director of Arts and Culture for the Miami public library.

Johnson said the library has a long and rich history, so they wanted to make sure it turned 100 in style.

“We’re having some musicians Dr. Paul and Tami Wilcox on the harp. they’re going to entertain us for a while. We’re going to have a birthday cake and there’s gonna be a children’s program upstairs. And we’ve got some drawings and things that people can register for a prize…we have a lot of cool stuff going on.”

The birthday party and book sale brought people in from all over Miami, including the Eden’s.

“I’ve always seen it when I drive by and 100 years is pretty crazy. I feel like for anything really, especially around here, I think it’s a pretty big achievement,” said Kory Eden, a Miami Resident.

Halee Eden, who’s lived here her whole life says it’s impressive to see something stick around in her town for this long.

“In this town for 100 years and that it’s still running. You don’t see things stay for that long anymore. “

She added that it’s nice to still be able to return to a place that holds childhood memories

“My mom was a big reader and she was a stay-at-home mom, so she would bring me weekly and we just pick out books and do things on the computers together and just have a good time.”

And even after 100 years, the library continues to make an impact.

The Library hopes to host another book sale sometime next spring.