Miami Police Test Out City’s New Drone

Miami Police Test Out City’s New Drone
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With drones the possibilities are endless.

“It’s really just got a thousand uses. We’re looking forward to search and rescue for maybe escaped suspects or something to that effect,” says Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson.

And when it comes to natural disasters like floods, ice storms, or our recent wild fires they can be life savers.

Miami Emergency Management Director Glenda Longan says “This would help us to see where the fire is going and see where perhaps where we can build a break, or perhaps keep our firefighters out of harm’s way as well.”

Officers say with a drone at their fingertips it’ll help them to get the job done faster. And with a bird’s eye view it’ll help them to pinpoint targets to send resources.”

Chief Anderson says “On a crowd control event you can tell where the most people are, on a big event. we’ve had several events where we’ve had lost children, missing seniors from seniors homes where they’ve walked and this would really just help to search the area more effectively and faster.”

Soon the drone will have an infra-red camera which will help search and rescue teams do flyovers at night.

“Their heat signature will stand out like a sore thumb. It’s amazing how well it does and how well you can pick something up.”

It’ll not only save time, but save money.

Longan says “In the past flooding event in December we had some questions from citizens that we couldn’t answer and we had to ask GRDA to do a fly over, which we did. Had we had the drone we could have done that ourselves.”

Chief Anderson says “A helicopter is generally $400-500 an to fly and it just you know, this we can do for pennies on end.”

The city also plans to use the drone to check for hot spots on power lines. Chief Anderson says he’s working on a policy to comply with FAA rules and plans to have three trained operators in the city who will share the drone.